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‘Keep the Best, Cut the Rest’

Hi, Jim Deitch here.

I hope you will take a minute to absorb the transformative ideas I present in this White Paper.

The main point of discussion is the concept of “all volume is good volume,” or a variation “every loan adds profit to cover fixed costs.”

If all compensation and other costs are fixed (meaning the lender can’t reduce its costs under any circumstance), then all volume is good volume.

But costs are rarely fixed long term. And thus, my thesis of “Keep the Best, Cut the Rest.”

James A. Deitch, CEO, Teraverde

Teraverde’s combination of executive industry experience and technical acumen delivered a great solution for us.
Mortgage Banking President
Your team helped us tremendously by tracking revenue leakage and plugging the profit-robbing holes in our process and systems!
Bank President
I trust your team, and that’s why we are using Teraverde for our second M&A transaction analysis and diligence. Your technology tools like Coheus™ make you an extension of my management team.
Bank Chairman & CEO
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