Frequently Asked Questions

Coheus and BI are Complementary products

BI tools allow your data analysts to gather snapshots of data from your Encompass LOS and create charts, graphs and tables that show representation of your loan data.

Coheus links directly to your Encompass data in real time and allows lending managers and executives to interactively compare, contrast and drill down into your data. Analysis is done in real time by people using the data instead of data analysis professionals who may or may not understand the mortgage business.

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Then we will get in touch and have a brief call to confirm your current situation and your goals for Coheus.
Our experience Encompass Team can have you up and running with Coheus in 48 hours.

Now you will be able to interactively view, sort, compare and manipulate your data in ways you never thought possible.

There are 2 answers. One subjective and one more objective.

The first answer is that mortgage executives who use Coheus discover new and unique ways to understand how well their mortgage operation is working. This understanding often leads to being able to make specific operation adjustments that will increase profitability.

The second (objective) answer come in the form of our Coheus ROI Calculator.

The Coheus Calculator helps you estimate the Return on Investment from improvements in origination productivity, loan mix, revenue leakage, productivity and pull-through. Please enter the current metrics for your business in the top section of the calculator. We’ve entered starting default values in calculator’s lower section based upon potential improvements from Coheus. These default values are editable by you. Coheus helps you identify hidden treasures in your oceans of data to realize these opportunities.

The ROI Calculator is COMING SOON to this website.

  • Detailed ideas about how to use the knowledge that Coheus is capable of extracting your Encompass data
  • The assembled knowledge of our internal team of lenders with over xx years of experience
  • Collective domain knowledge from interviews with 300 institutional CEOs

Executives can discover relationships in the data that might be difficult with any other tool. Analyzing all of these withdrawn loans is an example. How far in the loan process have they progressed? Can the higher credit quality loans be recovered and funded?

The Pipeline Status Indicators shows all the loans behind schedule in real time.  At the loan level, the loan file status shows why the loan is behind.

The flexibility and capability of Coheus allows sales management to look at loan officers for performance and AE performance and hone in on things that really matter, volume, margin, pull through, speed to close, and cures.

Operations managers can work to eliminate rushes and failures of loans to close on time. It shows the reason the loan’s behind schedule and who is responsible.

Operations managers also see the big picture of  current status, closing projections, active workload, how fast things are moving through the pipeline, and any problems.