Manage Mortgage Banking Differently
Manage Mortgage Banking Differently

Coheus™ converges your mortgage banking LOS, GL, payroll, CRM, warehouse, QC, secondary marketing, and servicing data to provide a complete picture of your business, with focus on helping you Manage Differently.

Coheus™ converges all of your business information into a single, simple solution to increase profit,
increase efficiency, speed turnaround and reduce costs.

Manage origination differently

Identify Most Profitable Loan Officers and Branches with Loan Officer Profitability

Manage product mix differently

Identify Most Profitable Products (and do more of them)

Manage costs differently

Find Revenue Leakage that is eating your profit

Manage profits differently

Identify your Most Efficient Processors, Underwriters, and Closers

Manage operations differently

Manage Differently and Grow Profit through Coheus™