Teraverde and Loan Vision launched of Coheus Gold, a cloud-based Mortgage BI solution that provides LOS and Accounting/Finance business intelligence with a built in playbook. The solution is focused on combining the profitability information from Loan Vision with the profit drivers directly from your LOS. The Coheus Gold product leverages the data from both the LOS and accounting systems.

The integrated Playbook provides actionable intelligence for executives to increase profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. Over 300 mortgage executives shared their domain knowledge that was used to build the Playbook. It’s mortgage BI designed with valuable input from these executives about what’s important to run an outstanding business. It’s mortgage BI that actually produces tangible return on investment.

Coheus Gold is so tightly integrated that it works ‘out of the box’ with Encompass® and Loan Vision. Typically, the time from installation to actionable insights is 48 hours. Other LOS systems with APIs are also supported.

James M. Deitch, CEO of Teraverde said, “We are honored to partner with Loan Vision Which has become the gold standard for accounting in the mortgage industry to offer an integrated solution to help executives profit for the large amount of data residing in their LOS and accounting systems. Coheus Gold can help executives mine their data to increase profitability and productivity.”

According to Martin Kerr, President of Loan Vision, “We have longstanding relationship with Teraverde, having jointly developed the Loan Vision Connector. The relationship is one built on trust and admiration, with the sessions performed by Teraverde CEO Jim Deitch at Loan Vision conference’s among the top attended and rated sessions. The Connector connects over 100 LoanVision account clients to their LOS. We expanded that relationship to integrate the LOS and accounting data and offer it executives via their desktop or tablet.”

Maylin Casanueva, President of Teraverde stated, “Coheus Gold is a cloud-based mortgage and accounting BI solution with ‘point and click’ usability. Coheus is fully configurable, so no administrators or coders are required. Visualizations and Ad Hoc reporting are ready out of the box. Installation takes under 48 hours for Encompass and Loan Vision users.”

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